Works with prebuilt UI

InstantSearch.js is a great open-source library for implementing prebuilt search UI. It is headless, but comes packaged with different styles to use out of the box.

While InstantSearch.js is designed initially for use with Algolia, we've created a package to make it integrate seamlessly with Relevance AI. Every feature works, with no extra configuration!

Check out Relevance AI's InstantSearch.js plugin!

Here's a simple example:

import instantsearch from "instantsearch.js";
import { instantRelevanceSearch } from "@relevanceai/instant-relevance";

const searchClient = instantRelevanceSearch({
  project: process.env.RELEVANCE_PROJECT,
  api_key: process.env.RELEVANCE_API_KEY

const search = instantsearch({
  indexName: "my-dataset"