Set up search in 5 minutes

1. Sign up for free

Sign up for free, no credit card required.

Find your API details in Settings. Alternatively, get a Read Key for search by going to the Search App in your dataset and clicking API in the header.

2. Create a dataset

In Relevance AI, we search a "dataset". Think a MongoDB Collection or MySQL table. Each dataset has a single schema, that is immutable.

The easiest way to create a dataset is in your dashboard.

3. Insert data

In your dashboard, you're able to upload data from a CSV or JSON file.

You can also easily insert JSON documents with our SDK:

const dataset = relevanceClient.dataset("my-dataset");
await dataset.insertDocuments([...myData]);

4. Instant search

Now for the good bit! Let's search. You can experiment with search in the Search App in our dashboard.

Here's a simple search with our SDK:

const query = QueryBuilder().query("hello world").text("short_description").text("title");
const results = await;