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Relevance AI helps you implement lightning fast search with an easy to use SDK.

Your search will have fuzzy typo tolerance and return results in the blink of an eye. You can filter, sort and facet with no extra indexing.


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We provide a dashboard to help you set up your datasets, monitor your performance and experiment with search.

Grow your discovery engine

We believe that every great product and content site is powered by a discovery engine. Spotify was not the first company to provide music online, but they changed the world through their auto-generated playlists and "Discover" recommendations.

Work with our team to help you convert your basic text search into a more diverse, intelligent discovery experience.

Enhanced search with AI features

What makes Relevance AI truly special is the fact that our core technology powering discovery is artificial intelligence. Taking advantage of a data format called "vectors", you can enhance your search experience with intelligent features such as:

  • Automatic synonym and slang handling
  • Understanding of context
  • Multimodal search (for example, search images with text)

Vectors are the secret data format behind other great discovery engines like Netflix, Spotify and TikTok.

Evolve with recommendation

Drive deeper engagement with your content by implementing recommendations through our API. Think features such as:

  • Similar products to...
  • Recommended based on your likes...
  • Similar users viewed...

Using the same vector-based AI, all you have to do is supply our recommendation endpoint positive or negative examples and we will find other content matching the taste profile.